NRI Investment Strategies in India’s Real Estate Market for 2024

In recent years, the Indian real estate market has witnessed significant fluctuations due to various economic, regulatory, and market factors. For non-resident Indians (NRIs), investing in the Indian real estate market has been both an attractive opportunity and a daunting challenge. As we step into 2024, many NRIs are contemplating whether it’s the right time […]

2024 PPF Facts for NRIs

The Public Provident Fund (PPF) has long been a favored savings avenue for residents of India, offering a mix of safety, tax benefits, and attractive interest rates. However, for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), the eligibility and functionality of PPF accounts come with specific considerations. As of 2024, understanding the nuances of PPF for NRIs is crucial […]

NRI’s Guide to Indian Agricultural Land Laws

Agriculture has been the backbone of India’s economy for centuries, and with the growing global interest in the country’s agricultural sector, Non-Residential Indians (NRIs) are increasingly considering investments in agricultural land. However, navigating the complex legal landscape surrounding agricultural land in India can be challenging. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the […]

Why do NRIs need a Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a person who is legally responsible for the actions and misdeeds of the principal person they represent as a home-buyer. In India, many property buyers use a POA to help them with transactions related to purchasing a home. These transactions may include capital purchase of land or home, lease, […]

Is it true that NRIs in India only buy luxury properties?


Is it the case that NRI investors exclusively want to invest in luxury houses in India?

Bangalore is a hotspot for NRI investment


Bangalore is seeing a surge in real estate investment by Non-Resident Indians due to psychological links to the country, profitable prospects, and the existence of property management businesses to maintain the purchased properties (NRIs).

Is Indian Real Estate Profitable For an NRI?


Investments from Non-Resident Indian (NRI) are a common aspect of our economy. The trend has also extended to the real estate sector, where NRIs invest to gain profits. However, the growth has slumped due to the COVID-19 pandemic faced by nations across the globe. Amidst the pandemic, the sector may have shown zero to low […]

5 tips for NRIs investing in Indian real estate


Even though Indian real estate is facing turbulence lately, there is a rise in NRI investment in our country. According to recent research, USD 80 billion from the inward remittance into India last year, more than USD 13 billion was in the real estate property sector. 

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