The Locality Overview: Maharastra State Highway 42 (Ghodbunder Road – G.B Road)

Ghodbunder Road, a significant thoroughfare in Thane, connects to the Western Express Highway at Ghodbunder and the Eastern Express Highway in Majiwada. It is nearly 20 km long and passes through many important Thane West neighborhoods, including Kasarvadavali, Kavesar, Hiranandani Estate, Brahmand, Patlipada, Manpada, and Majiwada. This sizable micro market has become a popular residential […]

Since 2016, Thane West has led in property sales. What gives it a boost?

The landlocked suburbs of Mumbai, such as Thane, Kalyan-Dombivli, Vasai Virar, and Navi Mumbai, continue to see growth in their residential markets. However, Thane West has distinguished itself as the most vibrant micro market, beating not just Mumbai localities but also the other top 8 cities in terms of asset sales since 2016.

All About Investing in Gaothan properties

Numerous homes often referred to as “Gaothan houses” can be seen in Navi Mumbai and Thane. Such homes appeal to some buyers with limited budgets because of their cheap value. However, the majority of people are still concerned about whether or not such homes are lawful.

Everything About 7/12 Thane

Property purchases are among the most important decisions you will ever make, and the process involves many legalities and administrative tasks to ensure that the asset is free from legal action and criminal claims. The 7/12 Extract is one of the documents required to buy property in Maharashtra, and it is an extract from the […]

All About Dharavi Slum, Mumbai!

The Dharavi Redevelopment Project (DRP) was foreseen by NRI architect Mukesh Mehta in 1995. The DRP was approved by the Maharashtra government in 2004. The Dharavi Notified Area (DNA), a sort of triangular area of land that hides a massive 525 acres of high terrain, is now slated for redesign by the DRP. But during […]

The Locality Overview of Shelu, Thane

The Indian state of Maharashtra has the little city of Shelu Thane. It is situated by the Shelu River, a Godavari tributary. The Shelu River is the source of the call. About 53 kilometers from Thane town, Shelu Thane is located in the Beyond Thane region. It is situated 93 kilometers from Mumbai. It is […]

Supertech Twin Towers Demolished

The residential twins’ Apex and Ceyane in Noida were destroyed. In the early hours of Sunday, a 9-year-long battle has put to an end in just 9 seconds, and to bring those Supertech towers tumbling to the earth, just 3,700 kg of detonators were required. In the area of Sector 93A in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, […]

The Locality Overview of Kalwa, Thane

Kalwa is a business and industrial neighborhood in Maharashtra’s Thane district, across the street from Belapur. With the help of nearby communities including Majiwada, Naupada, Thane East, Vitawa, Mumbra, Manpada, Airoli, Kausa, Mulund West, Mulund East, Kalher, Dombivli, Thane West, and Kasheli, Kalwa is encircled. In Kalwa, the real estate market is currently expanding. The […]

All about applying for Home credit loans!

Another reason someone could need immediate money is to buy anything like a new phone, a dream vacation, a few expensive goods for their home, or something else. A private mortgage can be useful in such circumstances. If your urgent need can be satisfied with less than INR 2,40,000, a private mortgage through Home Credit […]

What is the best investment for women: real estate or gold?

As more women become independently wealthy in India, their proportion of investments is rapidly increasing. Although gold has traditionally always been a preferred financial asset, there are many alternative possibilities available today. Mutual funds, bonds, and even real estate investments are examples.

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