There are eight reasons for contesting a will.

A Will is a written legal document that outlines the terms of property inheritance by legal heirs, along with the distribution of shares among the beneficiaries. While it is not required, it is recommended that the document be registered under the Indian Registration Act to enhance it as strong legal proof.

Delhi-Meerut RRTS has received Transit-Oriented Development clearance.

The government of Uttar Pradesh (UP) has allowed Transit Oriented Development (TOD) within two kilometres of the Delhi-Meerut Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS). The 82-kilometre-long corridor from Sarai Kale Khan in Delhi to Modipuram passes through Ghaziabad and Meerut in Uttar Pradesh. The proposal will help developers to choose a higher FAR and stimulate vertical […]

Owing to CRZ breaches, a luxury resort in Kerala may be demolished.

A comparable incident has occurred less than a month after the Supertech Twin Towers in Noida were demolished. The Supreme Court granted demolition orders for Kapico, a seven-star resort in Kerala, in 2020, but the procedure has only recently begun. The resort, valued over Rs 200 crore, would be suspended for breaking the State’s Coastal […]

MahaRERA eliminates penalty fees for booking cancellations.

The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) has given homebuyers grounds to rejoice by revising penalty amounts for cancelling a booking. The cap has been established at 2% of the entire cost of the unit price, which will be subtracted before the booking payment is refunded. Continue reading to learn about the new fees!

How to negotiate a rent increase with your landlord?

Mahesh Singhal pays higher rent each year to live in the same residence in North Delhi. Despite living in the same property for almost seven years, he has yet to find a method to bargain with his landlord, who hikes the monthly rent by 10% every year as is customary.

How do you design a baby’s room?

The interior design business has experienced a continuous demand for developing solutions for children’s rooms of all ages. While teen rooms are popular, infant-specific rooms are close behind. The emphasis is generally on maximising space for comprehensive and organised storage, as well as incorporating personal preferences while maintaining safety.

In Mumbai, luxury property purchases have increased significantly.

Property transactions have increased in Mumbai‘s affluent micro-markets of Worli, Juhu, and Bandra. Bollywood stars, tycoons, and business figures have all made investments in Mumbai’s real estate market.

Considerations to Make Before Selling Your Home

After you’ve determined why you want to sell, it’s time to supplement your knowledge of the local real estate market. This will provide you with several benefits, including the ability to establish a realistic price for your house, be more effective during price negotiations, and know when is the optimum moment to sell; that is […]

As banks raise lending rates, home loans become more expensive.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced repeated upward adjustments to the repo rate – the rate at which it loans money to banks – in 2022. Not surprise, the present repo rate is 5.4 percent after three revisions this year since April 2022. Such similar increase is on the way to counteract inflation. This […]

Here’s how to save tax on a commercial property

There is no way to avoid capital gains tax on the sale of property in the case of a short-term capital gain. The entire capital benefit amount may be included in your income, and you will be taxed according to the income tax bracket you may be in. The provisions of Sections 54, 54EC, and […]

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