Under PMAY, more than 5,000 residences would be built in Lucknow


The government’s goal to build 80,000 homes under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) will make it easier to build 5,000 homes under PMAY in Lucknow. For the construction of homes under PMAY, the Union Budget for 2022–2023 earmarked Rs 48,00 crore. In Uttar Pradesh, eight lakh gadgets would be created as a result of this strategy.

SUDA is currently constructing 4,510 units below PMAY in its housing projects in Sharda Nagar and Vasant Kunj. Each unit will cost around Rs. 6.55 lakh. The State government may contribute Rs 2.5 lakh under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. After assuming possession of the property, the recipient will be responsible for paying the remaining balance in 18-month installments. The unoccupied property in the Aishbagh area has been designated by the Lucknow Development Authority, the government agency in charge of building housing units under PMAY inside the city, for the construction of 2,000 dwelling units as part of its plan to assemble 5,000 homes. Additionally, the authority has identified land near University Road for the last 3,000 devices.

LDA Executive Engineer Pratap Shankar Mishra was aware that a private company is conducting the location survey and may publish the unique record shortly. After that, contracts for hiring production companies to build the gadgets might be put out to bid.

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