What exactly is a penthouse?

Penthouses are typically associated with extravagance, privacy, and ultra-premium amenities. They have attracted a significant level of customer interest and revenues in the ultra-luxury residential market throughout the world. Developers in major buildings in key locations in India are also offering penthouses.

What exactly is a penthouse?

A penthouse is typically defined as an extremely elegant, ultra-comfortable, and costly apartment or room located on the roof of a tall structural element. Given their improving level of life and great opportunities, it has begun to attract the interest of Indian property purchasers.

Penthouse amenities are available.

A penthouse is all about living alone. Essentially, these flats have many first-rate amenities for owners. They offer a distinct and expansive layout that includes a taller ceiling, big windows, a garden, and a terrace. The top level may also have a swimming pool, a lounge gym, and a separate entrance. They have high-end flooring, furnishings, connected home and communication devices, as well as other facilities.

What is the price of a penthouse?

The price of a penthouse fluctuates depending on where you live. These properties are in high demand in the premium property market. They might cost anywhere from Rs 10-200 crore or more in India. Their price will vary according to the city, plan, geography, and features. Penthouses are accessible in the country’s tier-I cities, such as Mumbai, Gurugram, Noida, New Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune.

Penthouses have preferential location fees.

Penthouses will attract preferential location charges (PLC). This is due to their unique positioning, elevation, and vistas. PLC differs across architects and programs. It might result in an increase of Rs 100 or less per square foot of area.

Advantages of a Penthouse

Among the most significant advantages of a penthouse encompass:

  • Panoramic vistas with no obstacles
  • Soaring ceilings
  • More seclusion and seclusion
  • Exposure to a variety of amenities
  • Additional rooftop or terrace space
  • Improved airflow and ambient sunlight
  • There is less noise.

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