Know the differences between Caveat Petition and Legal Notice

What is a Caveat petition A caveat petition is a criminal notice filed with the judge by an engagement party to protect their interests in a specific case. The petition is a method to prevent another party from taking any action in a be counted without first giving notice to the relevant party. It can […]

Understand The Laws And Circumstances Before Purchasing Property In The Name Of A Minor

A property transaction is only feasible if the buyer is over the age of 18. He is required to sign the contract and deeds. According to the Indian Majority Act of 1875 and the Indian Contract Act of 1872, a minor under the age of 18 is not entitled to sign any instrument relating to […]

Prima facie: Definition and application in a court of law

What exactly is prima facie? Prima facie is a Latin term that means “at first sight,” “at first glance,” or “on first impression.” It has become commonplace in legal proceedings and implies that things are true unless proven differently. In civil and criminal law, the word means that a legal claim has substantial proof to […]

Difference Between Sale Settlement & Agreement of Sale

When buying or selling immovable property, it’s critical to protect your investment with a legal agreement. However, the type of settlement that is reached may also differ depending on how the events are resolved. In general, there are two types of contracts: the settlement of sale, in which the transfer of property is guaranteed at […]

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