What exactly is an Index II document?

Every real estate transaction, including those involving sales, purchase agreements, gifts, licences, and mutations, must be recorded. When the work is finished, the property owner receives a new document known as the Index II or Index 2 document. It is made available once the property has been registered and contains all the details of the […]

Increased interest rates are unlikely to affect Dubai’s real estate market.

According to analysts, executives, and industry players, the bulk of real estate transactions in the UAE are conducted in cash and will not be harmed by the regular increase in interest rates. According to them, the market would increase at a constant rate of up to 5% this year, rising to 11% in 2022.

Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka And Andhra Pradesh: Land Measurement Units.

Calculating the area of the land is the goal of land measuring. It works well for determining land area so you can decide how to use several plots of the same piece of land. Multiply the dimensions of length and width to determine the area of the land.

Brick manufacturers desire a decrease in GST rates.

Overview of the case Kiln owners all throughout the country are now on strike for over four months. In India, there are around 1.5 lakh brick kilns. The closure has harmed over three crore workers. The All-India Brick and Tile Manufacturers Federation (AIBTMF) General Secretary, Omvir Singh Bhati, stated, “We are in a difficult situation. […]

Future of the Indian real estate industry in 2023!

As new regulations and reforms aimed at fostering growth and investment in the industry have been introduced, the Indian real estate market has seen major changes. Several trends and variables are expected to influence the future of the Indian real estate industry as we look ahead to 2023.

Aspects that will fuel India’s commercial real estate market growth!

For the past several years, India’s commercial real estate market has been expanding significantly, and some factors have contributed to this rise. In the upcoming years, the following significant reasons are anticipated to propel the expansion of commercial real estate in India:

With future infra, Bangalore real estate would boom in 2023!

One of the most popular locations for real estate investment in India is Bangalore, sometimes referred to as the Silicon Valley of India. Throughout the years, the city has experienced substantial expansion and development, and with the planned infrastructure developments, Bangalore’s real estate market is expected to shine even brighter in 2023.

Dubai boom sees Russian cash, high rents, and reborn projects!

Russian people have increased their investment in Dubai, one of the most international cities in the world, in recent years. The city, which has long been a favorite vacation place for affluent people and investors, has turned into a hotspot for Russian money as a result of the influx of people and corporations looking for […]

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