All About Mumbai-Goa Highway

The under-construction National Highway (NH) 66, also known as the Mumbai-Goa Highway, has finally reached its last long after a decade of construction. Following the recently announced completion date, the four-lane highway has prompted interest in residential real estate in Maharashtra and Goa.

Section 24 of the Income Tax Act

Section 24 of the Income Tax Act stipulates that a person would pay on domestic or asset loans as a pastime. ‘Deductions from earnings from home assets’ is the title of this specific section. Mortgage hobby and popular deductions are two of the available deductions. 

All You Need to Know About Encumbrance Certificate

When you buy an asset, it’s critical to check whether there are any criminal issues associated with it. Whether you’re wondering how you can acquire access to this information as a customer, an Encumbrance Certificate (EC) will help you figure out if there are any expenses associated with the assets.

All About Succession Certificate

While attempting to comprehend legal matters, we may find them somewhat intimidating, even more so when there isn’t a guideline to be acquired on reducing the information and presenting it all together.

Everything to know about CERSAI

Purchasing a residence is a highly costly endeavor. It takes several thousand, if no longer crores, to become a household proprietor in today’s day and age. If buying a home wasn’t expensive enough, most buyers must rely on domestic loans to complete the transaction.

All to know about Strata Title!

When you own a strata name asset, you have character ownership over your rental or townhouse andshared possession over the ‘common assets,’ such as the driveway, lobby, and garden. Thecommonplace assets are then managed with the help of a legal corporation.

What is the Cost of Living in Chennai?

The cost of living in Chennai is determined by many factors unrelated to your living circumstances. It depends on where you live in Chennai, what kind of lifestyle you have, what type of food you eat, and a variety of other factors.

Here’s All About Goa Housing Board !

The Goa Homes Board (GHB) was established under the Goa, Daman & Diu Housing Board Act, 1968, to provide housing to people from all walks of life within the union territory. In 1969, the Board was established.

Guide to Office Building Classification

It might be challenging to know what to look for whether you’re just starting started in the industrial real estate market or you’ve already begun investing. Thankfully, some classifications may help you narrow down your search and find the appropriate funding option.

Here’s All About Ghaziabad Development Authority

Ghaziabad is one of the most popular asset investment destinations in the National Capital Region. Over the years, the city’s infrastructure has improved rapidly. The Ghaziabad Development Body is the city’s planning authority.

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